Cheap Party Hall


Whether you’re looking to throw yourself a birthday bash, or are planning to surprise the closest person in your life, our inexpensive locations are ideal to have any type of party no matter what the size within a budget. Our locations aren’t like the big catering halls with so many restrictions and high cost per plate. You can rent the low priced venues and bring in your own food, music and drinks all within an economical budget. Check out our how to save money on a party list. We offer discounts and savings on last minute bookings and weekdays, as much as 50% off.

Not only are our list of party halls cheap, but they provide value for the low price you pay. We have been in the party hall rental business for over 50 years and have multiple affordable party venues of different sizes to serve all your needs. Click on ( to see our list of venues. We even have customer reviews and video testimonials to prove how great we are. Or simply call or text 718-864-1115 between 10am and 8pm – 7 days a week.

All of our street level first floor event spaces are located near public transportation, major highways, are handicap accessible and have ample parking for all your guests.

At each of our newly renovated halls we offer:

  • 5 hours of your choice for your event
  • Additional time to set up and decorate
  • Include all the basics such as chairs, tables, bar area and DJ booth.
  • Large chrome chafing racks to warm food
  • Disco Ball and dance lights
  • Bar with Fridge
  • Free WIFI and use of TV screen

How to save money when planning for a party on a tight budget?

  1. First come up with a budget. Are friends and family members contributing? How elaborate or simple do you want the event to be? Are you and your friends crafty enough to make your own decorations? After answering all these questions you’ll come up with a budget to rent a venue. It’s likely that your venue will ultimately have the biggest influence on the rest of your party.
  2. Remember the cheapest party halls may not always be the best option. When choosing a party hall for rent, always check if they have insurance, how updated the venue is, does the place have central air conditioning and heating, are the bathrooms clean and updated. Sometimes really cheap venues will make the party feel poor and substandard. Very low priced halls can destroy your pictures when they are meant to last a lifetime all because of plain ugly walls, unsightly patchwork, or mismatched chairs and amenities. Browse through our website for economically ideal locations or you can simply call us at 718-864-1115 between 10am and 8pm – 7 days a week to speak to a customer care representative. Last minute discounts always available.
  3. When choosing an affordable venue, narrow down a hall you like by its physical location and the type of appearance. Many customers will often spend more money on covering up unsightly walls and old panels in older places like vfw halls, Knights of Columbus or church spaces. Sometimes no matter how great the balloons, backdrops and centerpieces are, it’s just impossible to make a subpar space look decent. Find locations that don’t limit you to use their caterer, DJ, decorator. And bar, etc. Look for low priced vendors that you like or check our vendors page for affordable options. Most places offer more discounts once you group packages together.
  4. Ask for discounts when speaking to a hall representative. Many reasonable halls offer last minute booking discounts, special holiday rates, or can steer you to options you haven’t thought of. Pricy dates are usually Saturdays nights which are priced premium but if it’s a simple event, you’re laid back, and you have a limited budget, great days to consider are off holidays, daytime functions, or even weekdays in which prices can be half as less. A Friday night wedding is just as great, some locations will even let you setup the night before or early morning.
  5. Once you have the hall secured, other ways to save money are:
    • Make the food at home or see if any talented family members are willing to help. It’s always good to use your resources.
    • Use online invitations such as evite and Facebook events and save on paper, printing and postage.
    • Use great looking disposable plates, utensils, and cups and buy from discounted big box stores.
    • Sometimes you can fake a big cake by only using the bottom base made of cardboard or Styrofoam for a facade and having a real top layer. When serving guests, you can serve cut sheet cakes from pieces in the back.
    • Offer a limited number of drinks and buy from big box stores or wholesalers.
    • If you or your friends are crafty, make you own flowers and centerpieces. You can always get inspiration from online sites like YouTube and Pinterest.
    • Look for decorations online, dollar stores, or big box stores. Shop smart. Sometimes even secondhand items on craigslist and eBay will have things you are looking for.
    • If you don’t have an event that will require top notch speakers and DJ. Save money on the music by asking for in house speakers to rent or borrow a cheap system and create a playlist. Have a friend or family member be in charge of the music.
    • Look on line to create your own photo booth. Make props such as backdrops at home or buy them online and have guests use their cell phones cameras.
    • Sell and make money back on things you don’t need after the party is over.
    • Cut down on the guest list if you can. If some people aren’t as important than no need to invite them to this one. The less people attending will mean a smaller venue at a lower price, less food, party favors, decorations, etc.
    • By skipping the pricey extras and getting creative with your food and decor, you can throw a cheap party that has the same effect as a pricier one – time with friends, good food, and epic stories to rehash over breakfast the next day or over years to come.

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